Thursday, January 29, 2009

You're lookin' good chickie poo

Hey all!

Things are really looking up! My aunt was moved to a rehab facility to help her regain her strength, and she is doing well .

Whenever Emma goes in to see her, or when she wants to get a laugh... in dramatic form she shakes her head and snaps her fingers from side to side , and says "you're lookin good chickie poo!" It is SO funny.

Emma is still working her way through her birthday toys, but as of now her favorite gift is a skull model. This thing has removable teeth, moving jaw, removable brain that pulls apart to see inside, etc. Oh..and its eyes glow in the dark too. That is what my mom got her. She is very interested in medicine, and has memorized a biology book. She wan'ts to be a doc when she grows up.

Eventually, I will post the rest of the pictures either here or on facebook...maybe even both.

Please continue to include us in your prayers, thank you all so much!

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Sarah said...

"what's this?" :P

the joys of having all girls...