Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pain Attack

Well, for those of you who have fibro... you know what a pain attack is all about.
For those who don't, I pray that you never experience one! It basically feels like your body comitting assault and battery on itself. Usually my lyrica can keep the attacks under control, but for some reason it is really bad tonight/this morning. I've noticed that when I have an eventful day, the pain is worse... it's like punishment for having fun. It's 4a.m. and I can't sleep because of this pain. I'm mad because I have plans for tomorrow... not to mention I have tons of work to be doing.

I had such an amazing day today...actually, yesterday. The day started VERY early... 5am (not by choice). I called the behavioral research institute at 7am, and got a call back for an interview by 8:30am! And then, a very good friend of mine asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding! Shortly there-after, we went shopping for dresses. After endlessly plowing thru a sea of white dresses, she found one that she loved and then I helped lace up the back (boy is that a hard job! Guess that's why you have more than one bridesmaid... teamwork!). I got all sad-ish/girly while carrying and fixing her train. She looked beautiful! She's the first friend I've gone wedding dress shopping with. After she found her dress (we think)... it was off to find the bridesmaids dress...she tried to be funny and make me pick the color/style... for those who know me, I can't make decisions. We actually found one that we both loved, and there were a few in the bridesmaids book that were pretty too.

Then we went to dinner and bowling with her husband to be. Bowling after drinking is interesting. but i still beat at least one of them!

Ok, so the pain has finally subsided enough to the point where I could fall asleep (and it's 4:15am). And people wonder why I have trouble with school. I hate dealing with this. But it's my life.