Tuesday, January 20, 2009

God is in Control

\Hi again everyone, I just wanted to post an update on how my Aunt is doing. This seems to be one of my only outlets for the thousands of "what if's and why's running through my head. I am trying my best to be strong for everyone, and to not get the girls worried. They need to have their routine, and stay as normal as possible.
Everyone is stressed beyond belief, and tensions are high. Restless nights and stressful days are a way of life right now.
I keep praying, and I have also been talking to my grandparents (long deceased)... I have been asking them to please send her back in this direction. I know she is stubborn, but she better pull through this and do great. A few family members have also been talking to her photo...telling her to fight fight fight. I swear if there was a hidden camera in this house people would think we were a bunch of looney's w/o the knowledge of what is happening.
I didn't get to see Aunt Suzie today, and I wish I could have. They tried to take her off of the respirator today, but she was unable to breathe on her own at this point. She has been very agitated today, especially when the nurses come in to poke, prod, etc. I know she is going nuts not being able to talk. ...we are a family of motor mouths.
There is still a bunch of fluid in her lungs, but the respirator seems to be doing a good job of keeping the alveoli open and they can suction the goop out much easier this way.
She needs to pull through this.... she has to. She's got a lot of livin to do. I wish there was something I could do for her to make her more comfortable and relaxed. I know it is in God's hands, but we could really use the prayers to guide her doctors and help them have an "aha" moment.
Sarah, thank you so much for letting me cry to you. I am trying to be the strong one, but your concern, wisdom, willingness to listen to my rambling nonsense while I get to a place where I can let go and just cry means the world to me. All of my friends are amazing, but I can't burden all of them with this information.

If anyone has any suggestions how to help her calm down, please pass them on. Especially my nursing buddies.
I go in tomorrow morning to see her, and hopefully she will be somewhat responsive and less agitated.
Thanks to all, and I apologize for the length.

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A Lui said...

Always good to find a way to vent & of course there are times that you don't need to talk to anyone... as long as you know you're doing what you can on the situation. Wished I were able to help out on the situation...