Friday, January 23, 2009


Hi Everyone...

just a quick update, because I currently do not possess any energy whatsoever. I keep trying to bottle up the energy that exudes from my energizer Goddaughters... but I can't seem to capture it.
We all feel like we have been running on a treadmill for over a week, but no one will let us get off.

My Aunt is doing much better now in comparison to how she was almost exactly a week ago. Things are making more and more sense, and although I know she is pondering the question "why me", as we all were, and still are to some degree... things are looking up. She has moved from the ICU to a step down unit, and is still under constant care with oxygen being carefully monitored. The tube is out, and she is even getting some semi-solid food...YUM.
As I tried to make the best of it today while scanning her lunch "tray"..., I must say I wanted to vomit when I took a whiff of her babyfood peaches. Somehow my mouth uttered the words "mmm, look! strained peaches, they smell great!" ... oh well. She wouldn't go near them either.

Well. Gotta get some sleep, a very special girl is turning 4 tomorrow!

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