Saturday, January 17, 2009

A turn for the worse

As most of you know, I am in PA to help out while my Aunt Suzie underwent surgery. The surgery went routinely, and as of last evening she was doing well and was set to go home as soon as she passed her urine. The good Lord was watching over the situation, because they ended up keeping her overnight. This morning we got a call that she was not getting enough oxygen, and was put on 100% o2. She did not improve, and not long after the 1st call we were told that she was puffing up and getting worse. They had to move her to ICU and intubate her.

Her three sisters made camp in the ICU waiting room, with a few other visitors stopping in to offer support. A Lutheran stevens minister from their church came in until the pastor could come. She could not have any visitors other family and a few at a time.
I spent my day occupying the girls, which required copious amounts of energy... all the while I was trying not to fall apart. Running back and forth between both houses to tend to the animals as well.
I finally got to see her around 8:15pm, but only for a few moments because she is not doing well. I cried, and prayed, and talked to her.
There are multiple things occuring in her body, and I am not sure what all they are. I do know that she has congestive heart failure and has pneumonia.
They say it will get worse before it gets better...I pray that it gets better. I know the doctors aren't going to say to us "it's hopeless, we are throwing the towel in now"... but I am really scared.
I'm spending the night with my Aunt Jo so that she is not alone and stays calm. I pray that tomorrow brings better news, but she is in Gods hands.

Please keep her and our family in your prayers.


Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear today that she is doing a bit better. Call me if/when you want to talk more.

A Lui said...

These are moments that I dread because being in the military can cause the situation to be worse when you're deployed so I'm glad you're able to be with her in her time of need... Will always have your family in my thoughts until I am unable to :)