Thursday, September 01, 2011


As I have coped with the end of my last relationship, I had multiple moments of weakness, where I wished it had continued and ultimately ended in marriage...and that's where it was headed.

What are some of the moments that led me running down the rabbit hole again you might ask?...let me share with you...
-When I got an invitation to a 1st birthday party
-attended countless bridal gown fittings
-stood by one of my best friends as they married the man of their dreams
-as I sift through the possibilities on dating sites and real life
-as I throw myself back into the world of dating
-when I remember just how close I was to that happy ending of my own ...

     And now I have recognized something. I am no longer missing and wishing for HIM, but for what he REPRESENTED, the possibilities that RELATIONSHIP. That was a huge revelation for me, and signified that it was finally time to begin this dance again.

After months and months of prayer, tears, and soul searching, the eyes of my heart are open, and I'm ready to not only see, but fully embrace what God has in store for me.

The best things in life are difficult to find, slow to appreciate and impossible to forget, and I can't wait to find it!

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