Friday, March 04, 2011

Those silly little love songs

We all know the kind I'm speaking of. The sweet tunes you love to sing along to when you are starting a new relationship, falling in love, in love, etc. Yeah, well...they make me mad at the moment. I've recently become single again a little over a month ago after an almost 10 month relationship where marriage was a regular topic coming up. I've dealt with it pretty quietly for the most part; but I am still really hurting at times. Its incredibly ridiculous, but many songs that I loved and my pretty much favorite artist, colbie calliat can, have had had the ability to reduce me to tears some days; if I'm in the right/ or wrong mood. I know I'll enjoy them once again, but for now; this is more my style...

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Sarah said...

It's not silly or unreasonable. Songs can be very powerful, both in negative and positive ways.
Hope you are doing okay- never forget that I'm here if you need to talk!

Oh, and I abour died of shock when I saw that you posted a blog. LOL :P