Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aunt Cat is Pennsylvania Bound


This isn't completely official yet, but it's official enough for me to blog about it... because I need to.

My Aunt is undergoing surgery in mid January, and it is looking like my mom and I will be heading up to PA to help out with everything. I need to try and get a job lined up for when we return though. We are both very worried about her, and my other two aunts and how they will get through it all.

No one asked us to go up, but we both feel like we should, and we want to. It is very hard being so far away from my aunts and my Goddaughters. I miss them all so much.

My best friend since birth (literally) is getting married in October, and is having a mini "engagement" party at the begining of the month, so hopefully we will be there in time for that.

I am also really worried about my Goddaughter Madison.

She has always been so active, and still is... but for the past few years she has been getting sick frequently, and it always seems to hit her...HARD. A few weeks ago it was a bad case of pneumonia, and now it is something called 5ths disease...never heard of it, but it is apparently legit. What worries me the most is her fevers... she keeps spiking temps of up to 106 that just won't stay under control on their own. I am scared to death of it spiking during the night and causing irreversible damage...I knew someone from church who was permanently handicapped mentally from a spike in temp.

I will feel much better once I see her and hug her... I am thinking this Aunt Cat is gonna be tagging along to the doc's if her mom will let me. I miss them both so much (left to right Madison, Aunt Cat, and Emma). Emma doll, you my dear need to stop growing too! You are both just getting too big! You don't need to hold off growing too much longer, Aunt Cat is on her way (in a week or so).

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A Lui said...

Its great that you were able to make a trip to visit your aunt & goddaughters... must have been great to see them & I hope I'm not too late to hope that they're all doing well now. I guess I better go on to the next one in hopes everything went well.