Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thoughts on healing; 4th in series

"Give light and the darkness will disappear of itself."

Well folks, today is random acts of kindness day. Appropriate, given the thought I had chosen for today.

Today was our last day visiting Atlanta, and it didn't exactly go as planned. We ran into so many hiccups but I remained calm throughout most of it. I maintained my friendly demeanor for 98% of the time, and acted kindly, gave light. I noticed that people really responded to it. Everyone was friendly in return and smiled, spoke kindly. That was the silver lining to our foil plated day. And that made it wonderful!

Until next time, I would like to know how you would perform a random act of kindness. It doesn't have to be some grand gesture, just something kind that you wouldn't always do. Can you commit to doing something like this for any interval of time in a month, a week, a year? I realized when I gave light, I got it in return, but that will not be my reasoning to do so again. Go, my friends, give light into the darkness of this world!

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Sarah said...

I think it's great that you did this. It is easy to hold back on performing an act of kindness, waiting for "perfect conditions." It is good to hear that you did this anyway, even if your day was going poorly.

I will commit to doing at least one by the end of the week. It will probably be sooner, but...

Also, glad you got home okay!