Thursday, April 22, 2010

"beach", news-worthy, teaparty, hikes, bike to build, and other non-sensical ramblings

Hey my fellow bloggers! Thought I'd share a few of the fab things in my life lately.

1) discovery of benton falls (been there, done that long ago... but somehow missed the fact that there is a "mini" beach right at the top! Sand and all!!! It's not the real beach, mind you... but for this gal... squishin my toes in some sand regardless of it's location (water + sand = happy me)!

2) "BUZZWORTHY" - So, I have been in the paper and on news more times than i can count the past few weeks. Between being sworn in as a CASA, Single friends, habitat bike to build, tea party, etc... it's been interesting.... here is a pic from the "single friends" article that landed me in the CDB ...

3) HIKES!I have fallen in love with hiking since joining my singles social group which also includes a bible study/focus group. I totall want to start a womens focus group based on the book "LADY IN WAITING".... My oh my do I love hiking. And I haven't even fallen... much...

4) Bike to Build Support. Single Friends of Cleveland, TN had a "team" biking in the bike to build event for habitat for humanity the other weekend. So I voted, Kathy lost... and we became cheerleaders for our fearless group. Oh yeah; and since we were so good at it, H4H recruited us to cheer for ALL of the bikers. HAHA... Some 6hrs of cheering (by gals that are NOT cheerleaders. But we had fun, and showed support for a great cause, great friends, and a great day.

5) And last, but certainly not least... a spot of TEA anyone?

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Sarah said...

[GASP!] A new post! I was starting to consider posting a comment chanting "update update!" but then I realized that if you weren't posting you probably also weren't reading your comments... making my chant pointless, lol.

Anyway, so glad you are having such a great time living it up! It makes me happy to see all the great times you are having- makes me want to get out of my house and do something! lol