Sunday, September 10, 2006

Some background to help you understand me...

Before reading my posts and thinking I'm a whimp who can't deal with every day pressures, do a little research before drawing such conclusions.

Try going to the website and click on the link "living with cfids", take those suggestions out for a spin and see if you understand a little better.

Also, CFIDS is not my only health condition, I have a genetic connective tissue disorder which keeps me from healing properly and I sustain injuries very easily. A blood pressure disorder, a chronic pain condition which is enhanced by the connective tissue disorder, TMJ, allergies, asthma, and on top of everything else, a Chiari malformation and cervical stenosis.

I underwent surgical correction for the chiari malformation at just 17 years of age. They did what is called a suboccipital craniectomy. This is where they go in and remove a piece of your skull to make room in the crowded area. (Sounds simple, right?) Well, in most people they would put in a bovine patch to take the place of your bone. But in my condition because of the added complications of the Ehlers Danlos (connective tissue disorder) and cervical stenosis, the patch was not a possibility. So yes, folks... I have an extra hole in my head.
Before the surgery I was bedridden, physically unable to walk due to numbness. This numbness was the precurser to flat out paralysis...and after the paralysis sets in, death is possible. All the while dealing with this, I had doctors telling me there was nothing wrong (sorry ya idiots... if you can't feel your own body, something is wrong). It wasn't until my films were sent up to my specialist who saw what he had feared and then on to a facility who was familiar with these films that they were able to see the problem... and then fix it. FINALLY!

Okay, so now that you know the background... I can go on to my next post

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A Lui said...

Knowing your medical situation & seeing what you do on a regular basis can show that you have more resilience than most of the military workforce! I am glad to be going on this journey through your past & with time may officially know the person I am communicating with :)