Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's so hard to say goodbye

Well, I didn't get a chance to blog much while my Goddaughters and aunts were here visiting, but I have a ton of crazy fun, funny, and heart touching stories from while they were here that will be filling my blog posts for awhile.

It will be a good way for me to capture and share the memories we created during this visit. Memories that unfortunately, will have to last me a very long time.

This visit was a fair bit more low key than they usually are. We seemed to spend more time at home doing stuff than out running around. Which was really nice. I love all the little adventures and stuff, but also loved just being able to stay around here and do the little things. Like these...

swim... until sunburnt. in the moonlight. by the dawns light. Playing wii (and realizing I am really bad at the racing cows game) watching movies that include snuggles, kisses, and I love you's.
fashion shows... from my closet (which reminds me I need to account for all of my shoes. Madison has good taste, and the same size feet, lol.
snacking. lots of yummy snacks, even though we didn't do as much cooking this year to give us all (especially mom) more time to just interact.
pedicures - Madison is crazy talented at nail art, so she gave me a pedicure.
makeover's- my makeup stash + girls, need I say more?

And so, so, much more.

Last night, mom and I had the bright idea to keep the girls up as late as possible for two reasons 1. tire them out for the trip, 2. squeeze out every last bit of time we had with them left.
I think we watched 3 movies, made innumerable kitchen trips, texted (Madison, this is your new favorite thing), and did nails. Emma was the first to crash, at about 12:30, followed by mom at 1am. Madison and I were the last hold outs. We cuddled up on the recliner side by side at about 2:30 and were asleep almost instantly.

At 4am, Aunt Brenda woke the four of us. The girls slept in their clothes so they could just head straight for the car. We got another half our of snuggle time while last minute things were loaded in the car. Then after lots of hugs and kisses, the girls were loaded in the van. I smiled and said goodbye, told them how much I was going to miss them. Hugged my aunts and said the same to them. The van door closed, and then they were on their way.

I made it to my room before the tears that had been welling up in me began to flow. And flow, and flow. I. miss. them. I will be good for awhile, and then I'll find a sillyband, a note they left me, one of emma's books, a clipie... and it will all start again. I feel like my own kids have been taken from me. And it hurts. But tomorrow is a new day, and I have lots of wonderful things in my life. And people that make me happy, and who love me. But still... it is so, so hard to say goodbye.

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Sarah said...

Aww. Sorry you are having such a tough time being away from them. I'm so glad you guys got to spend so much time together (even as quickly it may have gone by), and bond so much.
I'm happy you had such a good time, and you better be posting! and commenting! :P
see you soon!!