Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A friends wedding and Random thoughts from yours truly...

Sunday October 22, 2006

So... I am positively miserable tonight. I feel like I'm coming down with something, or it's just the excitement from the day.

A friend of ours got married today... it was a Catholic ceremony, with plenty of kneeling-praying-kneel-stand-sit-pray etc.../ My friends and I went together, which was great... the inseperables minus one were back together again!

It is actually kind of sad to go to these weddings... but I love them anyway. I cried...yes, I cried. The photo queen was there to capture the special moments and provide tissues for the mother of the bride. Not to mention ponder when and if I will ever get married.
I'm thinking I want to wait until I have started my practice... or more importantly, starting to date again would be a good start (lol)! No one knows what life brings. The boquet toss was interesting... I almost caught it, until it took an unexpected and hillarious twist of fate... and clobered one of my friends on the head. She didn't catch it... it caught her right upside the head . Guess she's next!

Balancing time with friends is an interesting task, so is replying to/ignoring (depending on who or what people say) new people that have taken a sudden interest in me. Completing assignments on time is also a daunting task ...
I'm so tired it hurts, but I can't seem to sleep. Letting go of the day is difficult for me, and it's making me crazy!
My mom is finally coming home after over a month in PA helping take care of an injured Aunt. We are very close, but lately I feel myself pulling away. Not from the closeness... but from the whole answering to someone... I have grown so much intellectually, spiritually and socially during this semester, and I don't want to... oh hell, I don't know!
I am also missing my Goddaughters desperately right now, and vice versa. Ok, so that's all for tonight

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A Lui said...

Happiness will come your way! It may not be as perfect as you want it but it will be there when you least expect it & need it most... as crazy as it sounds! Each & every post I feel honored to read because I get closer to you without being there. Of course the downside to everything... I wish I was there physically to have the true experience of a relationship. Of course I'm not going to dread on that side & enjoy having you in my life no matter how I get it :)